Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi everyone; and welcome to the third week of classes!

Election Night
Just a reminder that Monday, September 27 is ELECTION NIGHT  for the provincial government; and the Charlotte Street Arts Centre is a polling station.  So there may be increased traffic, both inside and outside the Centre!

Show on Thursday, September 30
On Thursday, September 30, there will be NO regular 7:45 pm class.  The Senior Troupe is performing at CSAC, so all Senior troupe members need to be in the studio by 7:45 to warm up and practice.  We will perform in the Auditorium at 8:15.  Troupe dresses are not yet ready, so you will be wearing your solo/class dresses and wigs.

If any Senior dancer would still like to participate in a class that evening; you are welcome to come to the Adult class from 8:45 - 10:00 pm.

Junior  Troupe Auditions
SATURDAY OCTOBER 2 is our Junior Troupe audition.  The Junior Troupe is developmental, and open to any dancer in Advanced Beginner 1 (Thursday at 5:30) to Novice 2.  Auditioning dancers will have to perform two steps in two soft shoe dances (pick from reel, light jig or slip jig) as well as a group dance.  Dancers must also be able to attend bi-monthly practices until the end of April AND have either a green dress and bun wig, OR red dress and full wig.

The fee for Junior Troupe is $25 per dancer, and will be payable at our first regular practice on October 16.

Shoe box
Our shoe box is still being replenished, so if you haven't found shoes yet be sure to keep checking!

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