Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Next up: the DANCE A THON!!

All proceeds from this event will go directly toward the BUS so please print up your pledge sheets, and let's get some pledges for the school, so we can offset the cost of the trip!! Don't forget: Prizes for the top fundraisers, including free bus seats, private lessons, and MORE.

VOLUNTEERS are needed in all capacities, such as:

Adult supervisors to stay overnight

Pizza maker(s) to co-ordinate supplies and help/ supervise the kids for make your own pizzas

Pizza making materials (pans, dough kits, sauce, toppings, cheese)

Snack food (healthy and fun food)

Drinks (water, juice, pop)

Breakfast chef(s) (to coordinate supplies and cook)

Breakfast food (pancake mix, milk, juice, fruit)

ALSO: Craft Co-ordinator J : Co-ordinate craft ideas and supplies – Valentine’s Day theme.

Sign up on the bulletin board at the Studio or email stanfordirishdance@gmail.com

ALSO: Please don't forget to return the permission slip by February 8 AT THE LATEST so we can coordinate craft and food supplies.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This fundraiser has always been a great success for the school, so let's make this another great year!

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